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online strength and conditioning

Anywhere, Anytime - Online Strength and Conditioning is the only virtual option you need if you want to take your performance, your body and your game to the next level.

individualised online strength and conditioning program

Get the same expert coaching and support which you would see in an professional sporting organisation. We provide you with everything you need to improve your athleticism to meet the physical demands of your sport.

what’s included?

"State of the Art" TeamBuildr Training App Access

Customised Online Training Plans

Video Demonstrations and Instruction

Progress Tracking and Monitoring

Virtual Community and Support

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Expert Guidance and Coaching

$35.00 p/w

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online program that cater to your individual needs and goals

RADcentre's online strength and conditioning program is designed to cater to your unique needs, offering personalised training plans tailored to your fitness level and goals. With a virtual community of experts you'll receive constant support, motivation, and accountability to help you achieve optimal results from the comfort of your own home.

“The online S&C option is great. I never really followed a plan in the gym before, the structure was so easy to follow. Not being from Ballarat meant that I could still experience the coaching and guidance from the coaches”

Hamish - AFL

football strength & conditioning plans

basketball strength & conditioning plans

netball strength & conditioning plans

running strength & conditioning plans

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Flexible programs that adjust to your current situation

Your online training program - designed for your goals and needs - will also be based on the stage you are at or the condition you are in. If you are just starting out we'll ease you in. If you're in peak physical form we'll continually adjust your program to keep you motivated. The coaches are very supportive of your own needs. If you do have an injury, our coaches will discuss it with you and come up with specific exercises to strengthen the area to avoid future issues.

“I loved how right from the start my program was designed for me as a runner, and the coaches explained in clear terms how each exercise was helping me to improve”

Claire - Marathon runner

helping you maximise your performance

As a member of our online S&C, you will have access to elite strength & conditioning and rehab programs typically reserved for professional organisations like the AFL, Netball Australia or the Australian Institute of Sport.

We adopt a long-term 'athlete development' approach that involves expert coaches monitoring your progress closely to ensure we are constantly improving. We help you build a strong foundation that minimises the risk of injury and readies your body to take on the world.


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what is in the program?

Full week of Online Programming - Can be a mix of gym sessions and running plans

Mobility / Activation - Our preparation phase of the training session

Gait Mechanics - Optimising movement mechanics efficiency

Velocity - Essential for developing explosive power, enhancing speed and agility

Strength – The key component of developing strength across a broad range of movement patterns such as Squat, Hinge, Horizontal Push/Pull and Vertical Push/Pull

Accessory – The smaller exercises that assist with injury becoming injury resilient through trunk/core control.

Conditioning - Gym based conditioning designed with targeting the different energy systems

Running Sessions - Tailored to your requirements based on different intensities, volumes and speeds.

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