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Step 1

Scroll through our app to find a coaching session that suits you, AM or PM - 6 days a week. There are times that suit everybody so check when your friends are coming in and get a session in together.

Step 2

Enter through the big RAD glass doors and be welcomed by one of our incredible and energetic coaches. Swing by our athlete iPad system to check out what’s in your individualised program today before heading over to our warm up area.

Step 3

Work your way through our Release and Grease warm up protocol specifically designed to prepare you for your upcoming session. Here a coach will touch base, ask how you are going and whether you have any questions about your program.

Step 4

Once warmed up, you are now ready to get into your session! One of our coaches will help you work through your session, adding notes and documenting the weights you used for your exercises. Your session is designed for you but along the way you might meet another member completing the same exercise - say hello and help motivate each other through the session!

Step 5

Session finished, now what? If you have some spare time, jump into our Normatec Recovery Boots, grab a ball and head outside for a shooting comp, ask a coach for some extras or head next door into Selkirk Stadium to see Kath or Sarah for a post workout coffee, smoothie or meal!

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