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A well structured Strength and Conditioning program will help to enhance your physical performance!

The team at RAD now offer the same methods and structures used at the professional level to enhance your athletic development, keep you injury free and available for your chosen sport.

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programs that cater to your individual needs and goals

When you first join RAD, our performance testing and reporting systems will identify your strengths and weaknesses. The results are used to build out your strength and conditioning program which is specifically designed to improve areas of your performance and help you achieve your goals.

“I loved how right from the start my program was designed for me as a runner, and the coaches explained in clear terms how each exercise was helping me to improve”

Claire - Marathon runner

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Flexible programs that adjust to your current situation

Your training program - designed for your goals and needs - will also be based on the stage you are at or the condition you are in. If you are just starting out we'll ease you in. If you're in peak physical form we'll continually adjust your program to keep you motivated. The coaches are very supportive of your own needs. If you do have an injury, our coaches will discuss it with you and come up with specific exercises to strengthen the area to avoid future issues.

“At RAD you’re part of the team but at the same time still very much an individual. I’ve almost been a year there. I have improved so much in my running,”

Jack - Ultra Marathoner

helping you maximise your performance

RAD athletes have access to elite strength & conditioning and rehab programs typically reserved for professional organisations like the AFL, Netball Australia or the Australian Institute of Sport.

Elite athletes adopt a long-term 'athlete development' approach that involves expert coaches supervising athletes closely to ensure correct fundamental movement patterns. When you have correct form you are more powerful. You build a strong foundation that minimises the risk of injury and readies your body for the competitions and struggles that lay ahead.


Contact us to learn how we can help you with your training

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Athlete Development Program Membership

Get the same expert coaching and support which you would see in an professional sporting organisation. We provide you with everything you need to improve your athleticism to meet the physical demands of your sport.

what’s included?

Fully individualised strength and conditioning program

All of your performance testing

Unlimited coaching

24/7 gym access

Unlimited access to our recovery systems

On field running sessions

Discounted rates for Sports Dietitian and Physiotherapy


$89 per week. The ultimate solution to improve your athleticism and improve your sporting performance

“Gyms can be intimidating for women. Initially I was worried about things like body image and being judged by others when I didn’t know how to use the equipment, but those fears never materialised. I always feel comfortable at RAD.”

Courtney - Netball

why choose us?

A welcoming and supportive culture - where you feel like you belong

Individualised Training Programs - well thought-out personalised programs designed for your needs and goals

Expert coaches - Train under the supervision of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaches in the region

24/7 support from our team our coaches are always available when you have a question in regards to your training

High performance training facility everything that you need to assist your performance

State of the art equipment - constantly updated to cover your training requirements

Unlimited access to our recovery systemsincluding Normatec recovery boots, blood flow restriction cuffs and electrical muscle stimulation

Performance testing and reporting systems - we identify your strengths and weaknesses to then build out your individualised strength and conditioning program to help prepare you for your sport

Capped training sessions - train in a small group environment and feel a part of a team

Discounted Physiotherapy & Dietitian services (in house) - If you ever get a niggle or need extra maintenance

Award winning track record - RAD has helped athletes at all levels across countless sports increase their athleticism resulting in significant performance improvements

“At RAD there’s great coaches and great structure and variation with my training program. RAD basically does everything better than other gyms in my opinion”

Liam - AFL

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