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afl strength and conditioning

Fueling Dreams: 25+ Players Drafted into the AFL through Our Elite Strength and Conditioning Program at RADcentre!

AFL Christmas Break
6 week Online Program
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how do we help so many players get drafted?

Over the last 6 years - the RADcentre has had a helping hand in getting over 25+ athletes drafted to the AFL.

Each of these players realised the opportunity they had throughout the entire 12 months of the year by starting their prep in off-season, building in pre-season and capitalising during the in-season.

Our Strength and Conditioning plan is the blueprint for helping you become the best possible footballer you can be! 

trusted by
hugh bond

Adelaide Crows Footballer, Drafted 2022 Pick #50

Started at the RADcentre as a 14 Year Old

trusted by
rowan marshall

St Kilda, Drafted 2017 Pick #10

Started at the RADcentre in 2016

trusted by
Harry Sharp

Brisbane Lions Footballer, Drafted 2020 Pick #43

Started at the RADcentre in 2017

trusted by
Sophie Van De Heuval

Geelong Footballer, Drafted 2018 Pick #2

Member at the RADcentre after becoming drafted.

trusted by
dan butler

St Kilda Footballer, Drafted to Richmond in 2014 Pick #67

trusted by
Sophie Molan

Drafted to Richmond 2019, Pick #7

Started at the RADcentre in 2018.

Why do i Need proper strength and conditioning for afl?

AFL is one of the most dynamic sports on the planet. It requires specific training in order to maximise all performance parameters.

This means regular gym workouts won't cut it. We need to be targeting movements that will improve your speed, strength, power, endurance and agility all while being able to complete team training sessions so we get better in the most important area, Football!

Our programming systems, our coaching, our support and our environment can guide you along in this journey to becoming a better footballer.

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Ballarat football off-season program!!

Unleash Your Potential This Off-Season! Join the RADcentre Football Program

Calling all Ballarat footballers!

Ready to take your football game to the next level?

We've got your back this off-season with an exclusive High Performance Football Program starting on October 1st!

Limited spots available, so don't miss out!

What to expect:Expert Coaching: Our experienced trainers are here to elevate your skills and boost your performance.

Personalised Workouts: Tailored training plans designed to suit your position and goals.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Train in our state-of-the-art RADcentre facility equipped for top-tier athletes.

Proven Results: Elevate your strength, speed, agility, and game IQ to dominate the field.

Team camaraderie: Train alongside like-minded athletes, building friendships that last beyond the field.
Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this program is your opportunity to up your football game and get ready for your best season yet!

Program starts: October 1st
Location: The RADcentre/Llanberris Ballarat
Limited spots available – Reserve yours now!

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what could your week look like?

This is what 2 days of your AFL Strength and Conditioning Plan could look like

Want the full week? get it here!

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